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Notes from Space Access '04

Just wanted to post a few quick quotes and notes from the Space Access Conference:

...they don't want to kill their host.

Jeff Greason of XCOR
referring to the FAA/AST
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Rocket Week and Being an Entrepreneur

It is now after 3 AM local time (PDT) on a Saturday morning and I am still at the Rocket Shop. I have embarked upon what is turning out to be an incredible challenge. Read more »

Economics of Monopoly

The Economics of Monopoly is the working title of a book I am writing. It all started as an observation on the irony of the EU calling Microsoft a monopoly right after Munich decided to replace its Windows desktop computers with Linux. John T. Kennedy and Patri Friedman made observations about natural and not so natural monopolies that deserve a reply. Unfortunately, as I started writing the reply it turned into something more than a blog entry, and right past full length article into the realm of being a book. Read more »

I feel dirty.

All this defending Microsoft is making me feel rather dirty. The fact of the matter is I'd defend the Devil himself against the pompous asses residing inside the Beltway. That does not mean that I approve of the Devil.

Anti-trust as robbery

Back when the DoJ announced the anti-trust suit against Microsoft I told anyone who would listen that it was revenge for Microsoft not spending enough money on the eastern Washington. Every one of the people who suffered through my diatribe told me I was nuts, even the most hard-core, anti-government ones. Well, it seems that I may have been right after all. Seems Microsoft isn't the only one to be advised to not ignore Washington DC. In fact, the adviser even mentions Microsoft as an example. Read more »

Microsoft and IP laws

Oh boy did I open a can of worms! That's OK. There are a lot of myths and legends regarding Microsoft, so let's start seperating that out from the reality and recorded history. Read more »

Microsoft a monopoly??

Would this be the same Microsoft that is having difficulty competing with Linux offerings in a certain EU municipality? The same Microsoft that sends number 2 honcho Steve Ballmer to save accounts in Europe? Read more »

Note to Kerry

Re: Your utterances to campaign staffers about the Bush crowd.

You are absolutely correct, however there are two things you should note prior to such utterances in the future:

1. Many of us outside the beltway use the euphemism 'politician'.

2. Pot, kettle.

Carry on.

<i>The Passion of The Christ</i>

For several days I had most of this post worked out in my head. I know the story well, so I knew most of what I would comment on. I just wanted to wait until I had seen the movie before commenting on it. Now I am having difficulty with the post, as I am in serious awe. The big surprise was how powerful the movie was. This is not the normal glossing over that Hollywood usually does. This is the "in your face", nothing held back, telling of the last hours of Jesus Christ's earthly life. The movie is deeply troubling, as the story should be. Read more »

The Root Cause of Poverty

It started with one-line of a post at Crooked Timber:

...such tragedies are a normal and predictable consequence of capitalism.

Our own proprietor, Jonathan Wilde, comments on it with the question "Does Capitalism create poverty?" and Brian Micklethwait of Samizdata makes an argument about the root cause of poverty. Read more »

Instead of the Superbowl

This past Sunday a group of space enthusiasts gathered at a restaraunt in San Jose, California. The whole purpose was to talk about NASA, Columbia, the future in space, and our own experiences watching Columbia re-enter the atmosphere for the last time. Several of the videographers and photagraphers who recorded the progression of Columbia across the western United States were present. Read more »

re: India and Tech Outsourcing

I was reminded by the article Qiwi links to in a previous post of something very interesting about the price differences between Indian and U.S. American.

Programming jobs have delivered a nice upper-middle-class lifestyle to the people in this room. They own apartments. They drive new cars. They surf the Internet and watch American television and sip cappuccinos.
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Which is worse?

I'm not sure which is worse - the fact that I have to ask permission to do business in California or that the asking costs $800. sigh...


Most people recognize the subtle differences in a young lady's smile (or at least are aware that there are subtle differences). The astute observer will recognize the differences when she is smiling because she's supposed to, she is being friendly, or she really wants to be asked out. Beyond interpersonal relationships, many people seem to lack a healthy appreciation for the subtleties of many things. As an example, the economic effects of regulation. Read more »

International Trade, Free Trade, and Paul Craig Roberts

Over at there is an ongoing discussion about an op-ed piece written by Paul Craig Roberts and Charles Schumer in the NY Times, and available here. (Thanks to Cap'n Arbyte for the link.) Actually, the discussion starts well before that, as Roberts had written about comparative vs. Read more »