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4:00 AM Ramblings

It is nearly 4:00 AM local time and despite my best attempts at sleep, I'm still wide awake. At this point I'm not sure it matters as I need to be up in less than two hours to go up to the rocket test facility. Oh well.

There has been a fair bit of discussion during the past week that I'd like to comment on and a few things that I've been meaning to write about but haven't had the time. Read more »

Speech and Memorial Day

I'll second the good doctor's thoughts. Whether I agree or disagree with Crooked Timber’s Kieran Healy does not matter. On February 27, 1992 I stated:

I, David Willis Masten, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...

Restaurant Blogging

I'm not much of one to rave about restaurants. I eat at them far too often, as I don't care to cook for myself. But, my parents, brother, sister-in-law and I went to one that was just awesome. Even more outrageous is that this is a chain restarant. When my sister-in-law metioned the name, I checked their website and figured it was another TGI Fridays or Red Lobster. Boy was I wrong!

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The Unbelievable Sith

Maybe I should have said "next day or five"! I'm travelling on the East Coast. The lands near the British surrender to one LaFayette have now been thoroughly raped and plundered by me, and I am now in a Starbucks just outside the land of thieves D.C.

One of the unfortunate things about doing a one line review of a movie is that you can't point out the good spots and the bad spots or explain why you thought various bits make or break the overall movie. Since I feel the need to do spoilers, all the meat is on page 2.

<i>Revenge of the Sith</i>

I saw a midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. In a nutshell - bad acting and terrible writing destroy a potentially great story and excellent graphics. A more complete review to follow in a day or three.

Today in History

Battle at Lexington Green

In 1775 the folks of Lexington and Concord told their government where to go, and did their best to hurry the government officials to that destination. The immediate cause for the confrontation was enforcement of gun laws.

Tanks at the Waco Siege
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Happy Tax Day!


It doesn't look like I owe anything and I can file an extension. This byzantine mess still isn't sorted out. Yes, that is with the help of modern software and accounting pro's! I'd hate to have to deal with this using pencil and paper. :wall: Read more »

What Else Is New?

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

-- Mark Twain Read more »

A New Space Prize

I do not know how these folks have avoided my knowledge. I know every company doing low cost aerospace, what they are up to, how much funding they have, and where their business plans are done well and are lacking. Except TubeRat Aerospace. I am at a loss.

Anywho - They have landed a small probe on the moon. Launched on a Delta II back in January. They are offering a prize for anyone returning one of the tokens placed on the probe. And the winner must be a privately developed vehicle. In fact their rules look an awful lot like the X-Prize rules.

What If\'s

Any one who has read (and remembered) my posts and comments here on philosophy knows that I am rather partial to deontological philosophy. That said, I must sometimes point out flawed arguments. In this particular case, a flawed argument against Utilitarianism. Read more »

Asking the tough question.

Good show Cap'n. It's about time someone played something other than slow pitch softball with the politicos.


Rumor has it that Wendy's International, owner of the Wendy's fast food chain, will be changing their name to Soylent Corp. Read more »

Ought from Is

The principle (valid) objection to the idea of a natural law is how does one get from what is to what one ought to do. Perhaps this is the wrong way to look at the whole concept. Let us, instead, look to see if there is an 'is' that defines oughts. More specifically, is there some ultimate ought that is defined by what what we are. I think biology may have an answer for us. Read more »

Wow, I think I\'m in love.

Mad props to Jacqueline for single handedly taking on several of my co-bloggers faster than I could even read the comments. Wow! Well done, Jacqueline. Read more »

Property Taxes are NOT the answer!

The no-longer-Budding Economist suggests that real property is what should be taxed. Like all taxes, the resultant problems are not minor, nor is it clear that anyone has any right to tax another. She writes:

I prefer real property taxes to other kinds of taxes for a variety of reasons: