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Politics as information

Not a huge insight or anything, just a pleasant thought while high:

A while ago Constant posted a link to a discussion about the overrepresentation of libertarians on the internet. The reason there are more libertarians is that people who use the internet are making use of a more advanced information technology than what other people use, so they are gleaning better information.

I think the internet is a better technology for disseminating and processing information (i.e. arriving at truth) because of increased competition created by the economies of scale of its network architecture.

Libertarianism represents better information than the political ideas proposed by those who don't use the internet. (Obviously libertarianism and other political philosophies exist both on and off the internet, I'm just simplifying from their respective proportional representation by medium.) This isn't to say that libertarianism is right, or proven, or any triumphalist claim like that; it could still be entirely wrong, but it refines the amount of information that can be processed about political philosophy and produces a rational explanation for all the discrepancies between what its refined information produces and what the coarser information of liberalism/conservatism produces.

This is reason for great optimism. As information-processing technology continues to improve, presumably so too will our ability to process better political systems than libertarianism (and better ethical systems than libertarianism's underpinnings), and for the wisdom embodied in libertarianism to spread inexorably among human populations in the same way that other new technologies do.

A modest proposal

I propose that some enterprising individual or organization create a private currency that is backed by an index fund or several index funds.

This currency could be used online, like those gold-backed online forms of money, and the currency could also be printed or minted.

Since I don't know much about monetary economics or any other economics, I'll leave the fancy rebuttals and fleshing-out of the idea to you experts, but after thinking about it briefly I believe I would like to use such a currency.