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"One Man's Terrorist is another's..."

I'm sorry, but reasonable and moral people can easily tell the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist.

This kind of lazy, cliche-ridden thinking is one of the big problems with the left's attempts at discussing foreign policy. Mostly because the cliches and recieved wisdom are manifestly false (as in the case of the "one man's terrorist..." canard).

The recieved wisdom that "we armed Saddam" is false, in the sense that the US or the UK armed Saddam. Russia provided over half the weapons that Saddam bought since 1973, followed by France. Read more »

The Guardian's wishful thinking on what constitutes American ways

Guardian Article "Emperor George"

They are correct that the US paved the way for most of the multilateral organizations in the world. But they don't realize that the multilateral orgs were not there to be multilateral, but to manage a distinctly American view of the future (i.e. to Americanize the world). They weren't there to subsume the American project and experiment into the morass of the Old World and Third World, and certainly weren't to facilitate moral equivalence between the US and everyone else. Read more »