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It is everyone\'s civic duty to bamboozle the ignorant

One of the actually pathetic things I saw on election day was a particular bit of whining from The Washington Monthly's election blog- that a pro-Steele activist had printed up some 'sample ballots' that suggested Steele and Ehrlich were Democrats.

...and there was much rejoicing

This just in: Donald Rumsfeld is resigning, says CNN. No link yet.

Cue the "Lieberman to SecDef" rumors in 3, 2...

(Edit) Wow, that was quick.

Thanks to Ed in the comments.

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In other news

- A combination of gene therapy and selective T-cell screening is showing some promise in treating HIV/AIDS patients who have not responded well or at all to standard antiviral treatments.

- Movie cliche saves Florida man from ambush.

- Turning down a four-way can get you beaten with an iron skillet.

(correction via comments)

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Libertarian Lament

Special interest voting


It doesnt give me the outcomes I want, so its broken

The title being the 'shorter latter day Progressive' complaint about pretty much everything these days. The biggest bugaboo (aside from Unions, Unions, Unions) is the broader corrollary that the labor market is messed up and thus requires (wait for it) massive central planning and intervention. Read more »