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Taxes as the Price of Civilization?

I hadn't heard that quote before, but according to Eugene Volokh, it's an accurate quote of Justice Holmes in a 1927 Supreme Court decision.

Everyone getting their money's worth?


As a former collegiate anime club president at Virginia Tech, I found it deeply amusing that the over at Steven Den Beste's site, a site known in the past year as a rather hard-hitting military & geopolitical affairs blog (as well as deep thought on engineering), the latest entry is on fanservice in anime, which is basically animated T&A you throw into your work to please the fans (hence the name). Read more »

Having it both ways

(via Instapundit)

RealClear Politics points out that the critics of Bush over the Iraq/Niger uranium intelligence want to have things both ways:

According to Krugman, the Bush administration is to be held accountable both for not being sufficiently alarmist with respect to intelligence estimates prior to 9/11 and then for being unduly alarmist with those same intelligence estimates after 9/11.

Islamic Austrian Economics?

(Via Unqualified Offerings)

An interesting paper from a muslim liberal think tank that seeks to connect medieval Islamic thought with the proto-Austrian Scholastic School in 16th century Spain.

Bush Tariffs ruled Illegal

(via Prestopundit)

In one of those "man bites dog" kind of stories for us libertarians, here's an international organization that actually does the right thing for liberal civil society- the WTO has just ruled that Bush's execrable steel tariffs are, as everyone suspected, completely illegal and contrary to US-signed trade treaty obligations. Read more »

How (not) to deal with a rogue Supreme Court

For those who are suing the Nevada Supreme Court for essentially overruling/nullifying the Nevada constitution in its latest ruling that directed the Nevada legislature to raise taxes, Eugene Volokh has some advice- the solution is political, not judicial.

Album Review - Heather Nova's <i>South</i>

Everybody else has taken a crack at this, so why not me?

In preparation for a vacation I am taking in a few weeks, I've been searching through my roommate's extensive CD collection for new tracks for some new mix CDs to tide me over for the long drive. One album I stumbled across was Heather Nova's most recent album, South.


Liberty vs. Equality

Val, from Val-e-Dictions, has a wonderful post responding to Richard Dawkins' "Brights" meme (as the newspeak word for Atheist), and in the course of the response makes an excellent statement on the consequences of the social engineering impulse: Read more »

Democracy overdose

The impending recall election of Gov. Gray Davis of California has many people excited and dismayed.

Jonah Goldberg is dismayed, believing that if the recall goes forward, democracy and republicanism will be damaged greatly. Read more »

The Registry of No Authority


(Tip of the hat to Patrick Nielsen Hayden) Read more »

Harry Potter And The Sorceror\'s Bank

2001manxcrownharrypotterallkeysrev240.jpgAs I have read through the entire Harry Potter series, I find that contrary to some opinions that Rowling?s series is a thinly-veiled swipe at Thatcherism (I think the Slate writer is really stretching here), the series is instead filled with a number of liber Read more »

The dark cloud

Lest I get carried away in feeling good about the US and the world, I think it's important to hammer home the fact that there are secret & military trials being carried out by the US government, which should rightfully scare the pants off of anyone who appreciates liberty, civil or otherwise.

Here are some links to recent posts from blogs covering this issue:

Too Many Secrets (Setec Astronomy?) (Calpundit)

The silver lining

Orin Kerr over at the Volokh Conspiracy gives more reason to feel good (or at least not so pessimistic) about things, by noting that there hasn't been a terror attack on US soil in 20 months since 9-11, and that for all the potential problems with the PATRIOT act, there haven't been major abuses and usurpations (of course, as he concedes, that we know about). Read more »

Harry Potter And The Free Market

In the course of reading through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a particular passage early on jumped out at me. Ron?s older brother Percy is a rather officious git who, after graduating from Hogwarts, is now a member of the Ministry of Magic, working specifically in the ?Department of International Magical Cooperation.? Harry had the unfortunate luck to ask Percy what he was working on, and Percy replied (before being cut off by Ron): Read more »