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November: a bad month for libertarians

So sayeth Arnold Kling over at TCS, in a 6-point list of woe showing how the clock has turned backwards for liberty, and how the Democrat alternatives, save for one unlikely candidate, all turned increasingly protectionist in their rhetoric.

Dean the fiscal conservative

[via The American Mind]

Continuing the pile-on of Dean today, I noticed that Steve Verdon had run a quick analysis on Herr Doktor's myriad "moderate" social program & spending proposals, and comes to the conclusion that the numbers just don't add up:

Bush sells out Taiwan for $27 in Chinese beads?

[via Oxblog]

In a further demonstration of the Bush Administration's rock-solid adherence to principles, Bush's NSC is seriously advocating the abrogation ofthe 1979 Taiwan Relations Act via executive fiat, to say that the US will not defend Taiwan against Red Chinese aggression. Read more »

Bush blinks; Protectionist trade war averted

Bush, in yet another example of his sterling adherence to principles in the face of criticism, decides not to engage in a $2.2 billion trade war with Europe and lifts his illegal steel tariffs.

Sarcasm aside, here's a case where "caving" was a good thing, and I'm glad he's finally come to his senses, even though it required the economic version of the Cuban Missile Crisis to bring it to fruition.

[hat tip: Jane Galt]

A nation of Do's and Do Nots

Digging up an article I wanted to highlight from way back, I point everyone to Jonathan Rauch's article from Sept 22 called No Slack: Forget about Haves and Have-Nots; think Do's and Do-Nots.

His point is one that seems common-sensical to libertarians, but is worth emphasizing to lefties- that adhering to a small handful of behaviors would reduce poverty (as currently measured) from 13% to 4%: [Emphasis mine]


(via The Agitator)

Neither paleo nor neo, Matthew Hogan describes a Third Way for libertarians. Read more »

What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?

For physics AND film geeks out there, the question of what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is answered by Jonathan Corum at

Burn the Heretics?

Arnold Kling has taken the "Are you an Austrian?" quiz, and has written an article about it on TCS, the title of which seems to echo my quibble.

Arnold is worried that the nature of the quiz (such that it makes the anarcho-capitalist position the comprehensive doctrine) means that the Austrian school is more of a 'sect' than a 'church'- interested mainly in doctrinal purity than spreading the good word. Read more »

Are you an Austrian?

Austrian economist, that is. The folk have a 25 question quiz on economics to see how you rank according to their perception of the state of the school.

I scored a 92 out of 100, and my complaint is that I believe it is biased toward an anarcho-capitalist stance, which is Rothbardian, not necessarily Mises/Hayek and their predecessors (my minus points come from minarchism and an unwillingness to be reflexively anti-war). But that's a minor quibble. Read more »

Watch where you're pointing that thing

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene points to Ed Cone's note about an anecdote about a convenience store owner confronted with what appeared (to him) to be a fake gun:

Ron Simpson knows guns -- and instantly knew the one in front of him Wednesday night was a phony.

Primer on Global Warming

An excellent recap of the state of the science in the study of global warming from the Wilson Quarterly discusses historical temperature trends, sea level rises, the Kyoto Protocol, and other important aspects of the debate.

The Hoppean Manifesto

Andy Duncan over at Samizdata has an excellent book report on Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Democracy: The God That Failed, detailing a radical view that blames democracy for the rise of collectivism & state power, and ranks monarchy higher (with only a libertarian (read: Anarcho-capitalist) state being better), and attempts to "form the bridge between Austrian anarchic libertarianism and true natural order conservatism". Read more »

House Call

(via The Guardian)

A 28-year old Chinese man in Italy, at present known only as 'The Doctor', was attacked by four burglars, who overpowered him and his two women friends, and tied them up. The burglars then ransacked the apartment but were disappointed with the lack of loot, so they threatened to rape the two women until they told the burglars where the "rest of the money was hidden." Read more »

Catallarchy College Football Top 25 - 10/4/04

For all games played through 10/4/04, here are the new rankings:

(Methodology -- Week 1 -- Week 2 -- Week 3 -- Week 4 -- Week 5)

Rank - Team - Previous
1 -- Ohio State (1)
2 -- Oklahoma (2)
3 -- Miami (3) Read more »

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the absence of posting recently- our web hosts moved Catallarchy from one server to the next, which was supposed to be invisible and painless, but has apparently shorted out our email addresses and caused a spate of new posts to disappear into the memory hole.

Hopefully, we can get the problem solved and back to our regularly scheduled blogging.