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Glad to know that all our problems have been solved

Because apparently there is no more crime or other such threats to US citizens from within and abroad, seeing that the US Justice Department has the time to launch a War on Porn.

Phew. For a minute there, I thought we had bigger problems in the world.

[via Instapundit]

Mars globe on your desktop!

Check it out: GeoFusion has created a massive and free interactive 3-D globe of Mars, where you can zoom in to as close as 520km or zoom out till Mars is just a little ball far out in space. (It says the closest you get is 520km, but it seems a lot closer to me.) Read more »

Physics Envy, indeed

A recent post over at Gene Expression points out the problems in mainstream economics in a way familiar to most Austrians:

FAQ on the Labor Theory of Value

For those going to listen in on Micha's presentation, here is a handy FAQ on the LTV for your edification.

On the <i>other</i> (invisible) hand...

Apropos of comments to Randall's post below, I submit John T. Kennedy's "The Invisible Hand of Spontaneous Corruption", explaining how the incentive structure of government obviates the need to imply or impute malign motives in government to explain costly and sometimes malign outcomes.

The Chimp and the Chump

Kerry voted for so many of Bush's major initiatives that in order to disown them now he can only argue that they were wrongly or dishonestly "implemented." This amounts to a confession that his opponent made a chump of him for the past three years.

John Glenn on Bush Mars plan: "Crap"

John Glenn commented recently on Bush II's resurrection of Bush Sr's Space Exploration Initiative, and finds it leaves much to be desired. Read more »

Broadband over power lines

Cinergy has released a statement detailing their plans to provide broadband access over their high voltage power lines.

Woah. My first response is "Can you do that?", but I suppose that's moot since they are... The next question would be, "How can you do that?", but Cinergy's BPL plan mentions "proprietary processes" so I suppose we can file that under 'trade secret' for now. Seems like a major kick in the jimmy to the cable companies, though, if it takes off. Read more »

Economic Freedom of North America, 2004

This year's report is out, and it confirms what we all suspected: Canada is a dark and shackled land. Excepting Alberta, of course.

The top 10 Freest States/Provinces (considering state and federal government):

1. Delaware
2. Colorado
(tied) 3. Georgia
3. Nevada
3. New Hampshire
3. South Dakota
(tied) 7. Louisiana
7. Tennessee
7. Texas
10. Alberta Read more »

Life on Mars!

Pepsi has the proof.

(via Martian Soil)

Mars: Getting the Air Back

In response to my post trumpeting the news of even yet still more evidence that liquid water existed (and persisted) on Mars, John Venlet commented:

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the pronouncements of past conditions on Mars. Based on the data you mention, and your statement "...could be again...," knowing what we know about the development of the Earth's atmosphere:

New steel tariffs?

Vance at Begging to Differ points out that even though the steel tariffs have been officially ended, the price of steel has continued to rise, up 66% from the low in June. Despite the four reasons cited by most journals for the price increase, Vance says, the magnitude of the increase can only be explained by a fifth factor- domestic trade barriers left in place after the official tariffs were dropped, which amount to a new, hidden tariff on steel. Read more »

Information on Steel Tariff costs and impacts

Responding to a commenter below inquiring about links to some stats and background material on the impact of the steel tariffs, I decided to do some google mining. Here are the results for everyone's further edification:


Steel Tariffs Were Bad Economics and Bad Politics Read more »