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How to piss away goodwill

No, this isn't about Iraq, but about Six Apart's recent announcement that it's turning MT 3.0 into a crippleware version of MT 2.0, and charge huge license fees for basic features.

As you can see from the sea of negative trackbacks to that post, the various competitors for MT's share of the blogging community should see a massive increase in interest, and a subsequent elimination of much of MT's user base.


(hat tip to Qiwi)

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin...

Ali from the blog Iraq the Model has put up a rather fascinating (and long) post about conditions "on the ground" there, and is chock full of interesting nuggets of the sociological and economic variety, the first one being a rather amusing (and telling) passage about generational differences in perception: Read more »



Private spaceflight hit a new record high, when Scaled Composite's SpaceShip One flew to 40 miles above the earth. Seeing the curve of the earth is spectacular, and its one step closer to breaking the state's monopoly on spaceflight. Outstanding!

Stroll along The Commons

...a new blog by free-market environmentalists, that is. Brank spanking new, with posts on the lunacy of "The Day after Tomorrow", the Precautionary Principle, and the ineffectiveness and perverse incentives of the Endangered Species Act. Go forth and read!

Has anyone free-traded themselves to poverty?

I ask the question to the gallery (including any American Joblog folks - I know you're looking in) in all honesty. Read more »

Workers: The Faceless, Interchangeable Cog

I find it interesting how much people fear wage disparities- such that you always hear about those faceless billions of "third world" drones who'll work for nothing/peanuts: Read more »

The wages of outsourcing

In the latter day argument for protectionism (neo-mercantilism), theoretical defenses of free trade are often waved aside with a dismissive "Move down from the theoretical and into events in the news ? reality." Read more »

What does the Eye command...

It appears that the Buchananite protectionist blog that we linked to before is crying foul at the Minions of Sauron Cato descending upon their poor hapless abode, with the fearsome Micha leading the way (though, apparently in drag, as they continue to refer to him as a she).


Winning by losing

Apropos of a discussion Micha, Jonathan, and I had over at what appears to be a Buchananite protectionist blog on the merits and demerits of 'outsourcing', in a recent post Tyler Cowen points out that "A country with no declining industries is a country that doesn't have many better new ideas." Read more »

On where the blame should fall

Lawrence Kaplan at The New Republic has some thoughts on whether the system or the actual perpetrators should be blamed for wartime abuses. After valiantly parsing Sen. Kerry's remarks on the Abu Ghraib disgrace, he concludes:

Outrage's Double Standard

The Abu Ghraib prison abuse story is a disgrace and a terrible blow to perceptions of the US in the middle east and most importantly among Iraqis dealing with the aftermath of the destruction of Saddam?s regime. As in all things, it is important for good people to speak out against abuse and wrongdoing, and it is valid to criticize US troops who commit crimes in the course of the occupation?indeed we should hold all those who claim to represent us (or ?America?) to a high standard of behavior. Read more »

On prisoner abuse

Given that the people involved in the Abu Ghraib disgrace are, in many cases, prison guards outside the military, is the disgraceful behavior something unique to the military aspect of the occupation, or is it business as usual for prison guards in general? Read more »

A call for bureaucratic hara-kiri

I noticed that Jane Galt is joining the chorus of people calling on Donald Rumsfeld to resign, saying that since "[t]he mission in Iraq is being compromised by the hideous revelations about Abu Ghraib; the only way to repair the damage is for responsibility to be taken at the highest levels."

Monolithic Thinking

Something I?ve noticed when reading or watching science fiction is that when spacefaring protagonists come to a new planet, they tend to go straight to ?the leader?, and have no trouble finding the people who can speak for ?the planet?, indicating to the audience that the alien planet in question has one government, one people, etc. The tendency in the stories is to lump the aliens into one big group and then make sweeping statements about them, their government, etc. Read more »