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What we\'ve been waiting for

The master of monetary disaster comes up against his greatest challenge, TONIGHT on Pay-per-view![1] Read more »

Cherry picking

While I understand the hip thing to do these days is, as always, make comparisons of the US to individual European countries in the course of arguing against American practice A or policy B, but just exactly how relevant is a comparison of a small, homogenous country of a few million (such as, say, Sweden, for the usual suspect) to a continent-spanning multicultural/multiethnic country (such as the US)? Read more »

Two great tastes that taste great together

Ok, I'm kidding. I'm referring to the 13th Amendment and abortion, two recent topics here that are addressed in an interesting manner by Glen Whitman, who argues that constitutionally, you either get the current abortion regime (if you're a strict property rights fellow) or one that requires compensation by the state ala the Takings clause. Read more »

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

All I have to say about the financial situation of Fannie Mae is: Holy Crap!

Fannie is one regional housing bubble away from catastrophic failure (and, by extension, Freddie Mac as well), which of course will take a lot of us down with it (S&L crisis anyone? Ok, turn that up to 11.)

A 43:1 debt to equity ratio?? :shock: Read more »

On God and the Devout

As Micha and Sean point out below, evangelism and religious belief are not limited solely to the theists, but is an equal opportunity mindset. Read more »

Preference Cascades

Apropos of Jonathan's post below on punctuated equilibrium and political change, Instapundit links back to an article he wrote about 'preference cascades', the mechanism by which totalitarian governments fall when there is a catastrophic failure of legitimacy: Read more »

A Primer on Marxism

Browsing over at Commentary, I found an amusing bit on Marxism. A snippet:

2. Marxist writing is impossible to understand. The second thing you must learn about Marxism is that Marxists write in their own language because they consider normal English beneath them. This is an example of what Marxist academic writing sounds like:

Cold front sweeps in.... the Hokies beat Duke in basketball, 67-65. :twisted:

Hell Freezes Over

Another reason its good the Cold War is over

It's hard to imagine the global magnitude of relief responses going out under the old shadow of the bipolar world. Now, it's simply a matter of everyone with means and will going forth.

How to help the South Asian disaster victims

The Command Post has a useful compilation of aid agencies and how/where to donate cash or goods.

Passage of the Day

Christmas and Unfunded Liabilities

Tyler Cowen examines the nature of gift giving and its impact on US fiscal policy decisionmaking.

I'm somewhere between 1 and 2.

Trading ones self into poverty

Way back in May I asked an open question to protectionists and free traders alike: Has any country free-traded themselves into poverty? Many moons later, Robert P. Read more »

The eternal question asked & answered again

The question that always comes up is "Price controls?", but Don swats that away and lets us know the real question is always and everywhere "How to ration scarce supplies?" and answers that rationing by non-price means are not necessarily (or often) in the interests of the poor or of justice. Read more »

Who shall defend us from the falling sky?

As you may have read, astronomers have noted that a relatively large near-earth asteroid has (at current calculations) a 1:45 chance of hitting our humble planetary abode, causing a phenomenal amount of damage (4 on the Torino Scale), causing (among other things) dogs & cats to live together and mass hysteria. Read more »