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Popular Sentiment, and Men Behaving Badly

You hear it many times in a debate centered on liberty - the idea that without government something bad would persist (slavery, pollution, etc.) or that because of government something good happens (charity, safety nets, etc.). It's usually used as a last resort. It begins with something that sounds like:

"You may have trumped all my arguments, but..."

and ends with something like:

"...without the civil rights laws, segregation would still exist."


"...without the federal government, unfortunate people might starve in their old
age." Read more »

Hold onto your tired and poor

In a 21-state sting operation, Federal agents today arrested more than 300 illegal workers in 60 Walmart stores. How dare those people work in our country without approval from people they don't know, and who don't know them! How dare Walmart pay them for cleaning their stores! Luckily our government is looking out to make sure that only the right people are cleaning.

--tongue now out of cheek-- Read more »

Power to the printer?

With the constant talk of "stimulating" the economy - with tax cuts, tax overhauls, monetary policies, and the like - I wonder why no one has thought of giving power to the people - or printer? The Fed has recently launched a large campaign to educate the public about the introduction of the new $20 bill. Read more »