Conference Expansion

It just occurred to me that we've passed our 7th Blogiversary. Back in those early days, one of the issues we covered was ACC football conference expansion. The founders of this blog are VT graduates and football fans, and for a while it appeared as if VT would be left in the wilderness, but the sun shined down on the Hokies as VT was invited to the ACC.

At the time, I thought VT was finally home. But now, 7 years later, the college football world is about to feel an earthquake. The Big 10 started it all as they want Notre Dame to join and started making noises to the effect of filling its roster with a couple of Big 12 schools instead. The Pac-10, not to be outdone, countered with talks of poaching the Big 12 also.

To me, the scenario that makes most sense is for the Big 10 to add Notre Dame, the Pac 10 to add a couple of western schools like Boise State and Utah, and everyone else staying put. That would create six 12-team conferences.

The problem, however, is every conference is afraid some other conference will reject the 12-team model and poach a few schools to go to 16. Obviously, there's a first mover advantage here. So there's instability in the system. Because of that instability, I can see the final outcome being four 16-team superconferences.

Those four conferences would then dominate college football and set the stage for a playoff with the conference championship games essentially serving as a playoff quarterfinal.

More than that though, they could say a big fuck you to the NCAA, break away, and keep the dollars to themselves. Of course, every other school will sue and politicians will get involved, but it would probably be all for naught.

The best article so far on the topic is by Chip Brown.

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I miss John Kennedy and

I miss John Kennedy and Sabotta. Funniest counter-balance to LRC and Skinsella, such they were.

VT eh?

That explains a good portion of the Latuff hate. He did that particular piece of work that really riles you folks up.