I steal comments

In the comments to Steve Sailer's post "Long Spans":

Two of Pres. John Tyler's grandsons are still alive. Tyler was born in 1790 and served as the 10th president (1841-45).


My father, b. 1921, remembered well his great-grandmother, b. 1826. She lived to be 103 years old. Both her grandfathers served in the American revolution; her paternal grandfather witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and lived until 1841.

These two comments, especially the first, simply blew me away. A grandparent is close enough in terms of family relations to be "near" in sentiment, whereas John Tyler is "far".

The men on my father's side of the family tend to have children relatively late in life. I doubt there are many 34 year olds like me whose grandfather was born in 1885. Since I have yet to spawn, there's a decent chance my offspring will be alive in the 22nd century. The lifespans of the family from my grandfather through my children would then encompass parts of four centuries.

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Similar family history

I'm 38 years old. My grandfather Joe was born in 1884. 125 years to the day after his birth, my son, also Joe, was born.