DJIA lost almost 1000 points in one hour, today.

According to CNN that is the biggest one-day point decline on an intraday basis. Is it to early to break out the clapboard signs that read The end is nigh!? Probably. Even though the Senate fiddles while Rome burns.

I wonder if the Plunge Protection Team had anything to do with the 600 point recovery...

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Are the people who lose on the way down

the same ones who gain on the way back up? If not, why not?

Because they play the stocks

Because they play the stocks based on emotion. They buy high and sell low. I knew a LOT of idiots at the firm I worked at who cashed out their 401k's, etc. when the market was tanking. I wonder just how much of the market volume is actually professional traders, and how much is just Joe Chardonnay waiting to retire.