She's dating a younger man

He's really cute. He plays on her sister's soccer team. He's seven.

Heather Morris's character Brittany on Glee has replaced The Office's Creed as the person with the highest humor:screentime ratio on television. Every line she utters is a home run.

"When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist."

The look she gave Shu when asking him if Jesse was his son simultaneously combined accusation, distrust, and sourness.

Tonight's episode almost put Glee into the musical genre outright. Till now, every musical number has been a performance, either in practice or in competition. But when the three couples spontaneously broke out into "Like a Virgin", I thought the writers finally decided to accept fate. It turned out to be a dream sequence.

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Huh? Am I the only who can't

Huh? Am I the only who can't make sense of this?

No. You are not alone.

No. You are not alone.