The worst advice is Mom's

Robin Hanson:

Who is the most idealistic about mating? It seems to me it is children, post-menopausal women, and young male “nerds”, i.e., with especially weak current mating prospects. These folks talk as if they hold themselves and others to the highest standards of ideal love, while happening to speak when they have an especially low chance of fertile sex.

This jibes with my experience as well. Some of the most idealistic, naive--and hence, worst--advice ever given to men about "mating" is doled out by their mothers.

But why should the desire for sexy sons only matter when conceiving them, not when it's their turn to sire?

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Forever failures

I have a theory:

Mothers don't want to "taint" their child's image of them. So they "talk up" some fake ideological condition about relationships/sex.

I agree that mothers'

I agree that mothers' romantic advice to sons is pretty consistently worthless or outright pernicious, but otherwise Hanson's generalization about postmenopausal women is the opposite of my experience- they almost always seem more hard-nosed and sensible than younger women on these matters.