The more things change...

For Constance McMillen:

Constance McMillen is the young woman whose Mississippi high school shut down their prom rather than let her attend with her female date. A group of parents set up a private prom and then diverted McMillen to a fake prom. This was a dick move, to be sure. The school officials were totally wrong in the first place, but it looks like the villains in the recent episode were the parents and McMillen's classmates. The school board is not responsible for what private parties do outside of their reach. I'm not sure what the HRC hopes to gain by this campaign, although for a show of solidarity with McMillen it'll be valuable.

Basically, McMillen should shake the dust of that town off her feet and move into somewhere civilized.

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Why did they directed her to a fake prom? Was it because she was going to cause trouble by crashing a private party? If so, I see no issues since she has no basis to disrupt private gatherings.

If not and they just screwed with her for the heck of it, then yah, it was a dick move.