Dennis K., lost his way

Chris Floyd points out the Dennis Kucinich example of why political cooperation hinders honest goals and corrupts devoted people:

In other words, Kucinich is happily participating in a PR scam [being the "new face" of the Democratic campaign committee as of a few days ago - RM] to perpetuate the corporatist party elite that has just -- for the umpteenth time -- betrayed the deepest hopes of its masochistic supporters. And for your real rootin', tootin', "fightin' progressives" like Koppelman, this is a good thing. Because it's smart. It's savvy. It's playing the game.

And the game, apparently, is to keep your sweet progressive self somewhere near the hindquarters of power, just in case you might get a pat on the head every now and then from the honchos -- brutal operators and war criminals who will never, not even once, not even by accident, put any of your vaunted principles into practice.

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Not following this. Is someone suggesting that Kucinich could have better advanced his goals by voting against the health care reform bill, retaining the status quo, and dealing the Democratic Party a black eye? I someone suggesting that Kucinich would be better able to promote his agenda if Republicans do better in the next election?

Face it, Kucinich is in a minority. Minorities don't get to govern. Minorities get to choose between two options: support the majority, or oppose.

Sure, Kucinich tries to play his hand for all its worth, threatening to hold out unless he gets his way in shaping the majority's proposal. But in the final reel, his choice is binary, and he's left to choose the lesser of evils -- as are we all.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

I'm not sure I follow. It

I'm not sure I follow. It is better to be a willing accomplice of evil than to be a powerless opponent?

Well said

This explains libertarian electoral success in a nutshell.

Kucinich had a reputation of

Kucinich had a reputation of being principled. For example, see this Campaign for Liberty blog post.

I'm starting to get the impression a lot of politicians are cashing out...