Administrative note

We upgraded to a newer version of our blogging software on Friday, including some badly needed security updates. There might be a few kinks to work out with the new setup. Please comment on this post if you notice anything acting strangely. I'll leave this up for a few days to make sure we catch everything. 

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New bugs

High activity level of 'moderated comment notification' email spam.

Regards, Don

Tracker Page

The "Recent posts" link is missing. That's the most visited page in my browser...

By the way, thanks for working on the site!


Thanks--that was a rough few hours without it. Was starting to get the shakes...


When I include blockquotes and links in my comments, they do not work in preview (so I remove them).

When I scroll across the Recent Comments section, I no longer get those helpful pup-ups identifying the post in which the comment was made.  Also, when I click on a recent comment, I'm linked to the TOP of the post, rather than to where the new comment is.

On my screen the web banner is now two-toned.  “The Distributed Republic” appears as usual, against a forest green background.  But starting roughly where the words “Eleuthera.  Praxis.  Kosmos.” Appear, and below, the background turns to a tennis-ball green, and this bleeds over to the graphics as well.   [fixed]

In some comments, Constant_ has appeared to agree with Micha Ghertner; that’s gotta be a glitch.

Oh, and yeah, thanks for maintaining the site.

Things that seem to work okay

When I include blockquotes and links in my comments, they do not work in preview (so I remove them).

My hand-crafted quotes (<blockquote>Stuff to quote</blockquote>) in a text editor work okay.

I block java-script with the No-Script plug-in to Firefox. Haven't noticed any problems on the site with that since yesterday.

I use the RSS feeds for a couple of widgets on FR33Agents:

My page uses
The DR page uses

I checked, and both work okay.


I made a comment to this post earlier today about some things I tested and that seemed to work. It was held for moderation--probably because I put in some HTML literals.

It will be interesting to see if this comment will also be blocked, and if every comment from me is blocked for the next two weeks.

That was the biggest problem I had with the old site. One bad embedded link and the site software locked you out for weeks.

I'm hoping that your work on the site will help me avoid the situation in the future...

Site improvement

Well, at least subsequent comments get through! That's an improvement.

Clicking on a comment on the sidebar does not take you to the...

...comment's permalink.

I had a little trouble

I had a little trouble finding this comment because when I clicked on it on the sidebar it didn't take me to the comment's permalink.

Also on Recent Comments....

On the Recent Comments sidbar, when I click on "more" I get a "Page not found" error.

Once you're happy with the site transfer

and you're ready to take requests for new features, I would like to be able to get a history of my comments--maybe at the bottom of my /user/ page:

View recent comments

Thanks again,


You're always welcome to

You're always welcome to request a new feature, but I can't guarantee when they will be implemented.

New feature request

I wanna pony!

Recent comments

In the 'Recent comments' section, when you clicked on 'more', you used to get a list of comment titles and the name of the author of the comment. Now you get all the comment bodies, but not the name of the author. I liked the title/author setup a lot better.

I added in the author name to

I added in the author name to the comments, but kept the comment body. Let me know what you think.

It looks a lot

It looks a lot better.

Cutting off the comment body at a certain point foor log comments is a good call. Maybe you could give the comment headers a different (background) color than the body or something so they are easier to distinguish? Or maybe some bold letters?

Hey! Recent Posts...

The two blocks of recent posts (frontpage and community) are missing from the left margin.

Tracker page - Posts marked "Updated"

Posts on the tracker page used to be marked "Updated" only when the text of the original post was edited. Now they seem to be marked "Updated" whenever someone comments on them.