2015 - Two headlines from alternate universes


Freedom Industry Eyes China
Having successfully stared down the US Empire, America 2.0 businesses look for growth in Asian market


American Brides for Chinese Men
Why be lonely? Millions of exciting girls looking to emigrate--many already speak Mandarin!


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I'm going to bet neither.

I'm going to bet neither. 2015 is too soon for that kind of drastic change, unless a city in America gets nuked or hit by an asteroid or something. 

Thing is, though, that when

Thing is, though, that when the earthquake comes, the vast majority of people are not going to expect it. These things take people by surprise over and over and over. Hindsight fools us into thinking that we must have known what was coming, but it's an illusion. The Nazis surprised the English, surprised six million Jews, and surprised Stalin. Pretty much everything really awful is a big surprise. Isn't it?


Things are especially surprising when they involve government failure. All the institutions that have been developed to support the State try to hide or explain away the symptoms.

Or the currency collapses.

...unless a city in America gets nuked or hit by an asteroid or something

Or the currency collapses.

But I agree it will probably take longer than that to be resolved. I'm just getting antsy that the collapse will happen before we are ready. Then we'll have to endure another century of dictators, wars, and democide before the market develops for goods and services that help protect people from those that would rule them.

I pick Door No. 2

"American Brides for Chinese Men
Why be lonely? Millions of exciting girls looking to emigrate--many already speak Mandarin!"

Seems entirely plausible to me.  Recall that there's a big disparity between the number of boys and girls born throughout Asia.  (Ok, I've heard that the trend may have moderated in India.)  This looks like an inevitable market demand for women.  Globalization isn't just about moving computer programers around, you know.

This Asian demographic sunami is a real problem.  At least in the West, marriage has been regarded as a means by which young men are "civilized."  Yet in China we see a nation of increasing wealth and power, yet with a large cohort of young men with very little prospects for marriage.  Saddam was willing to try a land grab for oil.  Would China be willing to do a land grab for girls?

On the flip side, educated black women in the US are also in a bad demographic fix.  Race and educational acheivement are traditional markers for marriage eligibility.   Yet women enter and graduate from college at higher rates than men, and this disparity is especially pronounced among blacks.  Add to this the fact that black men are more likely to find spouses of different ethnic groups then black women are, and you compound the issue.  If someone could create a blockbuster movie eroticizing, and normalizing, the relationship between a Chinese man and an educated black American woman, he or she might do the world a big service.

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