The impending death of Obamacare

I was out of town on a pseudo-vacation for the last week and wasn't able to keep up with the flood of information about ObamaCare, although of course I heard that it passed.

There was quite a bit of information about the contents of the bill beforehand, so it's not like I didn't see that stuff coming, but the enthusiasm and mendacity of the Democrats since the passage of the bill has been, well, appalling and completely expected.

However, and maybe I'm being too optimistic, I'm not as worked up as many people who were opposed to the bill. Frankly, the major parts of it seem to have a snowball's chance in hell of actually surviving the myriad court cases that have already started popping up. Even the US court system, as favorable to its legislative and executive brethren as it is, will have to concede that this is mostly illegal.

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any links you could provide to where these court cases are being discussed?

I was referring mainly to

I was referring mainly to this one, which is huge, but I am sure more are on the way.