He allowed saliva to hit my face

Video of the alleged "spitting" incident:

How Cleaver describes it:

But wait: when Rep. Emanuel Cleaver describes to Milloy being “spat” on, it sounds not like an intentional loogie, but like overenthusiastic yelling. He described it to Milloy as a man “who allowed saliva to hit my face,” which sounds unintentional, if not well-mannered.

Yet, every major news outlet simply ran with the story and tied it to the civil rights struggle and portrayed the protesters as the KKK. Simply shameful.

via Instapundit

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Old media is the propaganda

Old media is the propaganda arm of big government, news at 11.

I have sometimes observed that if the American people ever became fully aware of just how badly they're being served by the media (of course most of them don't want to know), there wouldn't be a single newspaper or radio or TV station left standing above its own ashes anywhere in the country.