Funny Statements I have encountered in Evolution Debates

The Grand Canyon was created by the great flood.

If Evolution is true why do we still have monkeys?

Blood clotting could not have occurred by accident.

All species have a "genetic lock" that keeps them from changing into anything else.

A fish-shaped rock does not prove anything.

The bible predicts that the earth is spherical therefore it qualifies as a theory.

And my favorite:

"I'm surprised you didn't know that carbon dating has been debunked."

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These are funny statements.

These are funny statements. However I have never been very interested in the darwinist/creationist debate. Usually when I debate someone, on some level I'm debating myself. The other person is a stand-in for my "past self", for a part of me which has never gone away entirely, my anti-conscience, my temptation to foolishness, the devil on my shoulder. And I am simply not tempted in the direction of creationism.