Battlestar Political-Economica?

I just started watching the first season of Battlestar Gallactica and I find it curious that the Cylons don't appear to have any politics or economic activity. I would think that beings advanced enough to be sentient would have disagreements, factions, problems of collective action, specialization, and trade. Maybe the writers reveal more about Cylon society later in the show.

It is an interesting choice to make the cybernetic lifeforms monotheistic (I'm guessing based on hints through the first six episodes and Caprica). The BSG writers have a more creative imagination than most when it comes to envisioning the culture of killer robots. I'll be disappointed if it stops at that one little detail. Also, I would have been more impressed if the robots developed a religion themselves instead of apparently inheriting it from their human creators.

In episode 3 the humans were wise to choose democracy as a form of rule. Libertarians often criticize democracy because voting acts as an "opiate of the people". By dangling the hope of non-violent change through the ballot box in front of discontents it stifles the growth of revolutionary movements. This is a priceless feature for the government of a tiny human society in constant threat of military annihilation. Governing by the consent of the governed reduces the chance of conflicts that would split the human remnant and leave them weakened. Besides, with only 50,000 survivors they will not have to worry about the danger of a government growing too large, entrenched, and powerful.

I won't be reading any comments so as to avoid spoilers. And yes, I know I am terribly late to the party.

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You should just stop now, as the series goes downhill after the excellent first episode, "33".

The show is an excellent

The show is an excellent exploration of the core problems in much of political science and sociology.

33 is an excellent episode but so is much of the whole of seasons 2 and 3. There are tremendous dramatic highs in season 4 and 4.5 that are unparalleled, but unfortunately the same goes for the lows. In fact the whole series is bar none, quibbles about the throwaway ending notwithstanding.

Headmistress Sister Clarice Willow and Cylon monotheism

I won't be reading any comments so as to avoid spoilers.

Ok, guys: here's an invitation to fill the comments with bogus remarks to pique Jacob's curiosity. Write whatever you like -- knock knock jokes, maybe? -- but make sure to include a thoughtful-sounding subject line.