Tricks up the sleeve

Obama has given a deadline of March 18 for a vote. If da Dems had da votes, they'd have voted already, meaning they don't yet have the votes. So why is Intrade's price for Obamacare's passage reaching higher every day? Either Intrade is totally wrong, or there's something wrong with the conventional wisdom.

Republicans now expect Democrats to pass health care through the House with a trick only Capitol Hill could dream up: approving the Senate bill without voting on it.

Democrats will vote on a separate bill that includes language stating that the original Senate bill is “deemed passed.”

So by voting for the first bill — a reconciliation measure to fix certain things in the Senate bill — that will automatically pass the second bill — the original Senate bill — without a separate roll call taking place.

It’s called the “Slaughter Solution” (prepare for a weekend of endless TV gabbing about it).

And after debating House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on the chamber floor, Minority Whip Eric Cantor emerged convinced that Democrats are going to use the tactic, and that they won’t allow Republicans, and the public, to see the text of any legislation for 72 hours before a vote.

I don't understand any of this, but what it basically boils down to is shoving the bill through on a technicality that's even more technical than reconciliation.

It would be a say day for the republic when this happens because it sets a precedent. Anything the Dems do today can be matched by the Repubs in the future. Legislation will become that much easier to pass. For those of us who believe that legislation trends the size of government in the wrong direction, ,it will be a dark day indeed.

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I'll be long dead before the

I'll be long dead before the USG collapses.

I guess that now depends on your definition of "collapse". The republic can count on a couple more sad days, but I doubt it can count on another 3,650 of them. Let alone how many ever you have left in yourself.

Oh yeah, as an update. The Social Security Administration is cashing in IOU's. How long can a government stick around when it's IOU's are being cashed in during a recession?

Shit, MSNBC yesterday was bleating about pot being legalized and taxed. Hah!

The Federal government is so desperate for new revenue sources, that they jacked Swiss accounts and are now even considering scaling down the war on some drugs.

All of this, plus a health care bill that will probably pass?