Libertine Constitutional Theory

Speaking of the Framers, this one goes out to all the Constitutionalists out there. Some theories of interpretation argue for original intent, others for original meaning, still others for a living constitution. As a libertine, I follow the naughty interpretation doctrine.

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I just ignore the

I just ignore the constitution, personally. As every president since George Washington has shown, the piece of paper commonly known as the US Constitution is nothing more than a "legal framework" for the oligarchs to fund wars and rob the citizenry.

If the constitution mattered, we wouldn't be over run with the myriad of rogue federal agencies.

The text is just a preamble

The text is just a preamble to a really funny video clip, dude. :P

Ah, see I just posted some

Ah, see I just posted some crap and ignored the video. Now I realize that I should have done the opposite of that.