Prohibition: dealing death daily

If you read El Diario, the local paper of the city of Juarez--one of the main battlegrounds in the international War on Drugs--you'll see an article every day about people being killed. The articles don't always indicate if the killings are drug-related, but you'd have to be a fool not to think that the bulk of them are. As prohibition-related violence has ratcheted up there in the last few years this has gradually been coming to the attention of the American news media.

I know there's a running tally of these somewhere, but at some point all the thousands just look like a statistic. Think of it this way: at least one person is killed every day in Juarez, and usually several. It was a local news item a while back that no one had been killed that day.

This is what prohibition gets you.

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"One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic." ~ Josef Stalin.

Duh Gubmint doesn't really care about the statistics, unless they support further encroachment of our Rights, and more money for the Gestapo. . .