Dems go Nuclear

There's been a shift in sentiment over the past week. I thought health care reform was dead, but it has suddenly sprouted wings. Obama is pushing the reconciliation option without actually calling it that. Despite what the pundits said about the Republicans winning the health care summit, I think they lost. The opinion input wasn't pro-Republican; it was anti-Democrat. When America thinks your opponent is being completely unreasonable, you do not give them a chance to appear reasonable. The pundits said that Republicans came across as "reasonable"; what they missed is that Obama came across as reasonable too. That gave new life to reform.

What's interesting now is that the pundits have no idea what's going to happen. Rather, there's no sort of consensus about what's going to happen. Most think there's no chance in hell. Many others, though, are cautiously optimistic. Intrade was at about 30 yesterday and is 55 today.

I wouldn't be surprised if Republicans get completely pwned here.

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