One party will tax and spend. The other party won't tax, but will spend.

This is part 1 of Glenn Beck's speech at the CPAC. The rest of the speech can be found on Youtube.

Though I don't agree with every single thing he said, I agree with much of it. There are times in my life when I've hit rock bottom when it appeared that my dreams had been shattered, and Beck's message about picking yourself up without the government's help certainly resonates with me. Beck's bottom was obviously much deeper than mine as his alcoholic mother and one of his siblings committed suicide when he was young, he dropped out of college, and was an alcohol and drug addict without a job. He's got rock bottom "cred". Failure has to be allowed--for people, institutions, businesses, Fortune 500 companies--because it teaches the lessons needed to succeed.

He praises the charitable impulse of Americans. Perhaps the most moving part of the speech was his reading of Emma Lazarus' poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty describing America as a place where immigrants could come and lift themselves up out of poverty.

He calls out not just the Democrats, but also the Republicans, and receives applause. He thoroughly eviscerates McCain by implication.

His calls to end the Fed received applause too, a response that would have been unthinkable to me only two years ago.

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His tune may be soothing, but it is just rhetoric to get you to vote for Palin or Romney. The neo-con co-opting of the tea party is almost complete.

Enter the Tea-O-Con.

Of interest is the Ron Paul for 2012 CPAC straw poll results and the enumerated failings of Beck: