Your Future

I'm not sure which is more frightening: the dystopian future presented in this advertisement, or the fact that a company thought this vision would appeal to some people.

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Proud crony capitalists.

I also don't really understand what Audi could possibly have been thinking. Moreover, the specific prediction of the commercial - that Audi's car would pass inspection in a green totalitarian state - is either obviously pure fantasy, because green standards could perfectly easily evolve past Audi's car, or else is not pure fantasy, in which case it must be that Audi has a special relationship with the government which will prevent green standards from overtaking their car. In the latter case, they are crony capitalists - and proudly advertising that they are.

I saw it Sunday and had the

I saw it Sunday and had the same disgusted reaction. Everyone in the room decided we would never buy an Audi.

I'm pretty sure this

I'm pretty sure this commercial was attempting satire, in fact, making fun of the eco Nazis. Their message struck me more as being along these lines: "Since the world of the future is going to be a shitty eco hippie tyranny, might as well get in on the good thing that will give you a bit of escape" (an Audi)

Green Police are not Real

The "Green Police" were not meant to be perceived literally, but meant to represent metaphorically the "green police" that live in the consciousness of the American Consumer and causes them to use burlap shopping bags, energy efficient appliances &c.