Crystal Ball


By 2050, how many European countries will be ruled by military dictatorships following the breakup of the EU?

Regards, Don

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Version 1: One. Its geographic boundaries will encompass a large part of EU and its name will contain the word "Reich".

Version 2: Many, but there will be only one military dictatorying them all - Russian one. (cue learned discussions on inevitable Russian demographic collapse).

Version 3: See version 2, but substitute Turkish Empire instead of Russian Empire (no, I'm not George Friedman of StartFor in disguise :)

what makes you so sure it

what makes you so sure it will break up by then? Even the far more economically unstable, culturally fucked up soviet Union got a good 70 years out its engines...

I'm genuinly curious, can

I'm genuinly curious, can you elaborate on the reasons that make you think so?

Why any?

I don't think any will unless we have an official WW3.

Think! How would a military dictatorship benefit our owners?