Climate Strange

This is the Washington D.C. area's second two-foot snowstorm of the winter, something I doubt has happened in over 50 years.

**Insert joke about Federal Government being stalled**

**Insert joke about Climate Change**

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Climate change

To be fair, when scientist talk about "global warming" they mean the global, yearly, average temperature rises. So some areas might get colder, and parts of the year might get colder.

I remember reading somewhere, sorry but I don't remember where, but some scientist speculate that an increase in global temperature will increase precipitation. Could this immense amount of snow be caused by global warming? I am not sure, but I believe the overall process is too slow to be observed, if it is happening, and this is just random variance in the local weather.

It doesn't have to be very cold to snow

Warm ocean water increases the humidity. Water holds heat much better than dirt. Warm wet air plus cold front equals snow.