The Scandalously Non-scandalous Scandal

The bounds of respectable political discourse in Europe are waaaay different than they are in the U.S.A. For instance, what mentions Climategate got here focused on the fact that climate data were completely and artificially manipulated in what was an at least loosely organized effort. This team conspired to block competing viewpoints from the discussion and "lost" raw unmanipulated data when it was requested.

And in Europe, they think that intelligence agencies from oil-producing companies were behind the exposé of this manipulation. And the exposé is the scandal, not the falsification.

Even if it's true that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Russia (or all three) were behind it, um, who cares? If there was a systematic effort to falsify data that have massive, worldwide policy implications, that needs to get worked out.

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It's not all bad news. At

It's not all bad news. At least in the UK they found the University broke the law by failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act based on information in the leaked emails. Of course they can't prosecute...

The politics of bad faith

The politics of bad faith trumps all. It isn't about the discussion you want to have, but why. Identifying morally inferior motivation is the extent of savviness for many.