Pick up that can

Hey, all right! it appears that the Grammy's also made sure to push the police state agenda. What am I talking about? Well, Beyonce and her ode to JBT's - thats Jack Booted Thugs for the uninitiated - that garnered so much applause. If you do not see a problem with the blatant, over the top militarism that gets pumped into homes on a nightly basis, I guess you can just enjoy Beyonce as much as you please.

The lyrics may not have been overtly obscene or laden with bloodthirsty jingoism, but the imagery certainly was. The site of men in black armor goose-stepping in sequence to the sound of applause is frightening. I am reminded of the scene from the 3rd Indiana Jones film. Nazi's prancing about with wooden heels, carrying banners in torchlight all while der Koniggratzer plays in the background. How delightfully civic minded!

This is all incredibly reminiscent of some prison documentary I had seen. CERT, otherwise known as Corrections Emergency Response Teams routinely parade down the halls - stomping their feet in unison - prior to making a hard entry into a cell. This type of psychological warfare is intended to get the subject to submit before the JBT's with taser-shields go in and give them a serious ass kicking. Can you imagine being pinned to your bed with one of those until you comply?

Omar Deghayes doesn't need to imagine torture at the hands of civil servants, his story is far worse. When I view these things I see a systemic problem, one that requires more than just structural changes, but indeed a whole new foundation.

Society is rotten to the core. Democracy is a joke that brings us unaccountability and places like GITMO. I find myself leaning more towards Hoppe by the day. Democracy is the god that failed, the experiment should end now. Instead of now it will happen later, when inevitable central bank failure will place democracy in the trash heap alongside the US Dollar hegemony. Then what?

I guess those who survive will decide.

P.S. Before I forget. If you intend on resisting just remember that when they tell you to pick up that can in real life, you had better hope you made a shank out of your toothbrush this morning. Just don't store it in your prison wallet.

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Was her performance supposed

Was her performance supposed to be irony? A google search only turned up mindless comments on her trophies...

My wife thinks its supposed to show Beyonce's control over armies of men--a female fantasy.

I wonder if it's supposed to be some kind of jarring mind-frack, like her showing off bushes of armpit hair.

But I'm with you, SE. It's sick nihilism. Mixing sex and violence makes me nauseous.

Well, I watched the Youtube.

Well, I watched the Youtube. I didn't get what she was going for. Usually I can get a sense of what the performance was trying to convey or elicit, but I just drew a blank on this one.

I haven't been following Beyonce.

I've been following Lady Gaga. I'm in love.

Why was she grabbing her

Why was she grabbing her balls at the beginning of the song? That's what I found off-putting.

She was singing, "If I were

She was singing, "If I were a man...". The lyrics suggested that if the male/female roles were reversed with her partner, she would know how to be a better man than he. Since this was followed by a cover of Alanis Morrisette's bitter cry for vengeance, "You Oughtta Know", I've come to believe that Beyonce was taking on the role of a rapist.

And we're not talking about a pushy seduction, we're talking about break-your-knees, leave you bleeding and maimed for a short remaining life rape--the sort of violation that a team of stormtroopers deliver.

I remember seeing Beyonce interviewed in the special features for "Austin Powers in Goldmember". I was impressed with what a happy girl she was. I wonder what made her decide to take on this rapist persona?

Well there's no accounting

Well there's no accounting for teste, is there?

If I'd known

If I'd known you just wanted me to help set up that joke, I could have been briefer...

Honest to god, that was a

Honest to god, that was a typo. Yet so true.