Keynes vs. Hayek (Music Video)

This video deserves to be posted on every blog:

Written by Russ Roberts, the producer of the excellent and entertaining podcast, Econ Talk

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I only regret that they didn't consult John Stossel for proper 70s pornstache styling tips.

The production quality is of

The production quality is of amazing quality for an amateur video.

Yes, but the acting and

Yes, but the acting and make-up leave much to be desired. Why not attempt a fake Austrian/British accent, even a bad one?

Funny comment at The Agitator

#10 | Kanye | January 26th, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Yo Hayek, I’m happy for ya an’ imaletyoufinish, but Von Mises wrote the best econ book of all time.