I for one don't really get worked up about our new foreign overlords

Xenophobia: it's not just for Republicans anymore. Taegan Goddard, who appears to be some sort of robotic DNC agent, passes along a Newsweek story about how foreign companies might influence elections in the US. You see, many American companies are foreign-owned, and since United Citizens v. FEC allowed corporations to get elected to the Senate for a fixed sum, furners might run the country! Oh noes!

Also, note how artlessly they bring up this worry. If you're going down that path, at least do it like you yourself believe it. You'll get more votes that way, which is the entire point of political pandering. (Better still, don't go down that path at all.) Doing it this way makes you look evil and foolish.

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When we literally dominate

When we literally dominate and police the globe on behalf of misguided state-nurtured limited liability corporations, I see why they would want to vote for their place at the trough.

Regardless of the corporate HQ locale.

Worry about foreigners is

Worry about foreigners is built into the constitution. Check out the part about who can be President.

seems to be human nature

to tolerate more evil from your own kind of people than from strangers, the "taxation without representation" sort of propaganda.

Or to get nasty, which country south of Egypt

wasn't better off under the Brits . . . even the French?

Or even the Germans.

Or even the Germans.