Glenn Greenwald on Citizens United v. FEC

Campaign finance laws are a bit like gun control statutes: actual criminals continue to possess large stockpiles of weapons, but law-abiding citizens are disarmed.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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Here's the hideous part. -


"Isn't it far more promising to have the Government try to equalize the playing field through serious public financing of campaigns than to try to slink around the First Amendment -- or, worse, amend it -- in order to limit political advocacy? "

Get it? Don't stop anyone from talking - just let the government spend as much of your money as necessary to drown out other voices with the speech it prefers.

Oh he's definitely smarter than your average collectivist.

Greenwald's my favorite

Greenwald's my favorite leftist. He actually appears to understand and thoughtfully consider the opinions of other political philosophies, even if they come from the "wrong" people.