Riots in Knoxville

University of Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin announced he's leaving to be the new head coach at USC. I couldn't find any mention on Google News at this time, but lots of tweets are being sent out that civil unrest is bubbling over in Knoxville.

Is Twitter the best news engine?

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Is Twitter the best news

Is Twitter the best news engine?

Lightning fast microbloggin' has its benefits. I would say that it is the best way to communicate in a distributed fashion. Despite the fact that reports from the field can be shutdown by the state, through the regulation and thus control, of cellular providers.

Google News

As a reference point, a Google News search for "Knoxville Riot" at 08:30 EST hit an article from, CNN-SI, and a couple of blogs.

Moderation purgatory

And "yippee!" that my block finally expired (or was cleared). I've been in moderation purgatory ever since I tried adding an object (a Lulu player of "Hey, Ya") in response to Jonathan's comment.

Brandon Berg?

Off-topic: Is Brandon Berg ok? Haven't heard from him in a bit, so I'm curious.

Perhaps his comments are also in moderation purgatory, ready to burst forth in a torrent...

Tweeter has keep adequate

Tweeter has keep adequate popularity only for its innovative & informative skills .Best media to communicate & collaborate with each other around the world.
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Well, what I do know is that twitter is famous for online gossips and news. I don't know which engine is the best when it comes to spreading some news really fast but I'm sure that twitter is one of them. Although I'm not so sure if it's the best one around in the internet since there are a lot of other website options.