Conservative mythology

Charles Johnson, a.k.a. Rad Geek, takes down a lame conservative argument for something completely indefensible. He has a number of points, but this is the money shot:

Of course, the main thing to say here is really that maintaining our [sic] culture is not a good enough reason for criminalizing nonviolent people. If your culture can only be maintained at the point of a gun, then your culture sucks, and the sooner you stop maintaining it on the backs of harmless pot-smokers, the better.

The rest is a great, and has a point too infrequently made: the past that conservatives want to conserve rarely meshes with the actual historial past.

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I'm not sure sure that's

I'm not sure sure that's anything more than an indication of the particular writer's own ignorance of history. It provides at best weak support for the idea that "the past that conservatives want to conserve rarely meshes with the actual historial past." One anecdote from an obviously substandard conservative argument does not prove much of anything. Look at Mary Grabar's credentials:

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia and teaches in the Atlanta area. She is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and published fiction writer.

With those credentials, which do not require any knowledge whatsoever about the world around us, or any ability whatsoever to reason effectively (I mean, poetry...), what can you really expect. It's obvious that she managed to get the gig not because she's a good thinker, but because she's a good writer. Which isn't the same thing. Plus, she's a woman. They're a reason they belong in the kitchen.

Have you seen Gene Callahan

Have you seen Gene Callahan destroying him?

I'm not sure what

I'm not sure what destruction you are talking about, but in the comment thread to the Rad Geek post, Charles did a fine job defending himself from Gene's off-topic criticisms. Gene seemed to confuse Charles for Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Gene's overall project, which he started over at Think Markets, is a useful corrective to sloppy libertarian thinking, but Charles is not a sloppy thinker.