That other 1937 feeling

Paul Krugman has a new piece up called "That 1937 Feeling", in which he advocates ignoring all economic discoveries since 1937, and even ignoring economic discoveries from before that time that were and are politically unpopular.

Or something like that.

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Krugman's stupidity

The guys an idiot. The actions taken by government were stupid and will result in more problems. He will claim that it was because there was not enough stupidity, and will advocate more of it.

I went to Google trends and

I went to Google trends and looked at krugman. This might do it. Notice how, judging by the frequency of search, Krugman was becoming increasingly irrelevant, until he won the Nobel in 2008. Thank you, Sweden.

At least he is slipping

At least he is slipping again at an increasing rate.