Ensiferum Will Rock Your Face Off

New music genre discovery this week! Folk metal: speed metal mixed with folk music. Best band discovered so far: Finnish group Ensiferum. Favorite song: Into Battle. Here is a version appropriately set to scenes from Lord of the Rings:

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Folk metal has long been one

Folk metal has long been one of my favorite genres. If you like Ensiferum I'd also suggest checking out the band Moonsorrow, if you haven't already.

Does this fit the genre?

Or is it too techno?

Heard this band at FloydFest a few years back, and have listened to their EP often since as running music.

Iron Maiden did this 30 years ago

Seriously, how exactly is this any different from Iron Maiden? Back then, we just called it metal. :)

Then there's this obscure folk metal band...

Finntroll would also be

Finntroll would also be similar. I don't think they're producing almbums anymore though I could be mistaken.

It just sounded like metal

It just sounded like metal to me, I didn't hear much folk.

The relevant TV tropes page is heavy mithril.

I like 1014 A.D by Cruachan, an instrumental with some folky instruments. I'm not much into death/black vocals, so I don't care for their other stuff. Similarly, I like Deux Mesures de Solitude by Overmars (which is not folky at all), but their songs with vocals make my ears feel doubleplusungood.