Web of Trust

Web of Trust gives this blog site a very poor rating. Probably some people who disagree with the politics gave it poor scores, and since there aren't many votes those poor scores can pull it down a lot.

Perhaps some of the people here should vote it up. Also I guess WoT isn't particularly reliable on some less trafficked sites.

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Democracy in action. I trust

Democracy in action. I trust Web of Trust almost as much as I trust Congress.


Do you have a direct link?

WoT Safe Browsing Tool

I think this is it.

Looks like for pussies. Oops, does saying that word effect the WoT rating?

You have to do some footwork

You have to do some footwork here. I searched Web of Trust and don't understand what you are asking. It's a firefox addon, or a cryptography method or something.

Is there a direct link?

Where do we "vote"?

You probably need to

You probably need to register. Which I have no intention of doing, so I don't know for sure.