Juror Qualification Questionnaire

I recently got a letter that I have to fill out and return under threat of fine or imprisonment, the "juror qualification questionnaire". I won't get into a discussion about jury duty per se here, but this form was already a pain in the ass. One of the questions was "Are you qualified to vote in X County?"

Well, is anyone qualified to vote? Not really, but but I doubt that's what they mean. I'm not registered to vote, so I guess I'm not qualified. Or does that mean I've never been convicted of a felony and could theoretically get my papers in order to vote? In that case, I am qualified.

In any event, I answered no.

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I think you are not qualified if you are not registered

but every state has different rules. Anyway, they are asking for your opinion.

I gotta agree with Bill.

I gotta agree with Bill.

Think like a statist for a second: They are asking your opinion, because you are obviously not qualified by the state to determine if you are qualified to vote. That must mean they are asking your opinion as a lay person.

I register my vehicle out of county (under threat, duress and coercion), that way any summons from that county is void because of residence requirements. Naturally the state is too monolithic and slow to realize that this is a gigantic loophole.

Yet another means of peaceful resistance.