Sheriff Arpaio… of Nottingham?

As recently brought to my attention by Randall McElroy III, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County has gone off the deep end. The link in his post doesn’t adequately inform the individual who may have just recently stumbled upon this horrid mess in Maricopa County.

Let me say that the first time I had ever learned anything of substance about Arpaio was in the documentary American Drug War. He seemed like a relatively harmless little statist with no ambitions beyond tormenting those unfortunate enough to be arrested in his County, turns out I was dead wrong.

Excerpts from The Thin Blue Whine: The Crybaby Thugs of Maricopa County by William Norman Grigg.

Male prisoners are required to wear pink underwear; until a lawsuit ended the practice, female detainees were under constant video surveillance, including hidden cameras in the toilet facilities. Inmates are fed green bologna and forced to work in chain gangs. Many are housed in surplus military tents that offer little effective shelter from the elements.

That really doesn’t bother me too much, what else would you expect from a county dungeon?

After several people charged with non-violent offenses died of culpable abuse or neglect while in Arpaio’s custody, the county was forced to pay millions of dollars in legal settlements.

Ok, now that is real problem. Now it is sounding like a Pre-Magna Carta dungeon.

[...]Arpaio — with the aid of the similarly megalomaniacal Maricopa County prosecutor, Andrew Thomas — attempted to prosecute and imprison the people who had brought those irregularities to light: The reporters and editorial staff of the independent Phoenix New Times newspaper.

In August 2007, the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office hit the Phoenix New Times with a grand jury subpoena demanding detailed information, including “Every note, tape, and record from every story written about Sheriff Arpaio by every reporter over a period of years” as well as “detailed information on anyone who has looked at the New Times Web site since 2004″ as well as every individual “individual who looked at any story, review, listing, classified, or retail ad [in the publication] over a period of years.”

If that doesn’t really get your goat, just read the whole article and see if you can justify (to yourself) the actions of this statist fool, who makes the Sheriff of Nottingham seem like a reasonable fellow.

Sheriff Arpaio is mad as a March Hare and is absolutely drunk on power.

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I don't know how this chupacabra couldn't get one's goat.