Dark, Dark Times

Thank you Obama voters. What's amazing to me is how someone like Obama, someone who has never shown even the slightest skepticism toward government power, got backed by a majority. I guess fashion and white guilt are more powerful drives than I thought.

One of the biggest power-grabs in modern history is basically a done deal. Merry Christmas!

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Which power grab?

Sorry--I'm not following the news today, so I'm not sure which power grab you mean:

  1. Health care?
  2. Federal Reserve Bank regulation of businesses?
  3. War expansion?
  4. Declaration of non-persons by fiat?
  5. Establishing a new military police force to serve in the US?
  6. Global War on Weather? (I was under the impression that this power grab didn't go according to the script--it will have to go on the 2010 To-Do list.)

Other commenters can continue the list--I'm starting to feel a little queasy...


A Health Care bill is basically a done deal after last night's cloture vote.

The awesome part of all this is...

The government cannot keep spending forever, so the more they spend the faster they will collapse under their own weight. Don't feel queasy, feel excited!

Well, feel excited if you have plenty of beans, bullets, band-aids and bullion.

Also, thank every voter, ever. This didn't happen over night or even in the last year, decade, etc.

The govt can keep going for a long time

Which liberal democracies have collapsed under their own weight recently? Or ever?


Which liberal democracies have been host to the premiere fiat world reserve currency recently? or maintained in solvency a global fiat currency hegemony, ever?

We are living in novel times. I know history can be comforting, but tell that to the hungry refugee's that government has a mastery of creating en masse.

I think you'll be waiting a long time

I'll be long dead before the USG collapses.

Not waiting, preparing.

I suppose that means you no longer wish to continue this discussion.

Isn't this a bit specific?

Isn't this a bit specific? Liberal democracies haven't been around that long. You might as well ask, "which governments with a head of state named Obama have collapsed under their own weight, ever".

Every government eventually collapses or is overthrown, and judging by history it doesn't generally take all that long.

But will we be ready

to defend ourselves against the next government, which will likely be worse than the last?

Likely worse? I don't want

Likely worse? I don't want to seem like I am playing devils advocate on this, but do you have any reasonable dissertations as to why?

I can only see the next government having a mostly illusory control scheme, due to a lack of economic fortitude. I do not really see these United States as a Weimar Republic, waiting to become Nazi Germany. Neither do I see a repeat of the 2005 Zimbabwean gun confiscation happening here either.

I am of the opinion that history only repeats itself as mockery, and that novelty is more common in great times of turmoil.

Fourth wave is inbound, serfs up!

Simply that decisions made

Simply that decisions made in times of crisis are less considered.

My comment was supposed to be motivation for us to make as much progress toward defending ourselves from governments and other criminals as possible, before the stuff really hits the fan.

The Federal Government of the United States is destroying itself as fast as possible. But that in itself is no guarantee that all the criminals currently hiding behind its cloak of legitimacy will simply dismantle their weapons of mass destruction, repent, and leave us alone.

I know how I am preparing

I know how I am preparing for my defense, it involves local community organizing, stockpiling and tactical training.

What more do you think I should do?

Your list, plus some

Your list, plus some emergency medical training, is a good start. The next step is to make it sustainable.

Participate in the businesses that will restructure the global economy to route around coercive parties. Implement contract enforcement, money, protection against crime, and the rest of society on a completely voluntary basis. The sort of stuff I wrote about here, which I later found out was pretty much reinventing agorism (but without the flags and street marches).

Coercion destroys value. Most people, given a choice, would probably deal with a voluntary organization rather than a coercive organization. That is why coercive governments try to monopolize markets--so people will never have that choice. If the businesses are in place, explosive growth in the voluntary economy (and voluntary society at large) could replace the failure of the US Federal Government, and any new governments that try to impose central rule in its wake.

Dont worry, its on my detailed list...

I cannot agree with you more.

James Wesley Rawles over at survivalblog.com recommends Medical Corps for emergency medical procedure training. According to this book of his, their classes place emphasis on treating gunshot wounds.

I gotta also plug his other book, which is just plain awesome.

My wife and I did the

My wife and I did the equivalent of EMT Basic when we were living in South Africa. You could get as much experience and responsibility as you could stomach--patients had the choice of being treated by a weekend warrior volunteer or bleed out on the side of the road.

A friend, Bernard, and I once picked up a gunshot chest victim outside one of the townships. This guy was a construction worker and built like Superman. He took several small caliber rounds to his upper chest when someone tried to rob him. Some friends drove him to a taxi rank at the edge of the township in the back of a pick-up--the ambulances wouldn't go in much farther than that. The patient's LOC was down a few points, but he revived when he got a hit of O2. We broke protocol and walked him out of the pick-up (the pedantic would have required we fully immobilize him, but we wanted to get rolling). I drove him to the government hospital (indigents and illegal immigrants went there--the insured could choose a private hospital), while Bernard ran stats and finished a secondary exam in the back.

When we got to the government hospital, there was a nurse's strike on. So instead of handing him off, we took him through X-ray and to the ER. The doctor's day job was flight medicine for the military, but he was doing the Saturday night shift so he could get up his hours to get certified for something or other. Since he had either no or unmotivated nurses to assist, he didn't mind giving Bernard and I some more experience. We scrubbed up and helped him put in a catheter, central line, and chest drain. The doc showed us around the X-ray, and I was chuffed to identify a bullet that he missed--it deflected off the victim's muscle and ran under the skin toward his neck.

I made the tactical error of phoning back to the ambulance station to see if anything was going on. There wasn't, but of course the rules were that we were supposed to hand off and come back and wait for the next call from dispatch. We had probably broken enough rules for the night, and the doctor had things under control, so our adventure was over.

I've heard stories of people who move to a town and bluff their way into a career as a doctor or some other type of professional. They practice for years before someone finds out they never went to med school. It impressed me that Bernard and I didn't have to go through the subterfuge--we could just show up in the right place on a Saturday night and work an ER.

My wife and I moved our family back to my native Virginia in 2003. Bernard died in 2006; shot while investigating a noise in his workshop one Sunday night.

Lots of exciting stories like this await us in America's Dark Times.

Boogieman patrol

You can tell a lot about a person by his boogieman.

Last I checked the Bush Administration operated according to a legal theory by which it could declare anyone, citizen or not, an “enemy combatant” and cause that person to disappear into some undisclosed prison anywhere in the world to be tortured to death. This was also the Administration that engaged in widespread domestic surveillance, regularly withheld information it was required to disclose, regularly tampered with public information to conform it to the Administration’s ideological views, and regularly deprived people of due process rights. All the while, the Administration adopted tax cuts that were so blatantly unsustainable – even though the Administration enjoyed a fraud-induced economic boom – that the Administration agreed to let the tax cuts expire after 10 years. And then the Administration set to work expanding the very cuts it had agreed were unsustainable. And then the Administration expanded Medicare and launched two wars without providing any new revenues whatsoever on the pretext that these projects would pay for themselves through oil revenues.

We traded that Administration in for one that seeks to adopt some pale version of health care policies that are already in place in every other industrialized nation. Admittedly this administration is incurring large deficits, but it’s also confronted with the world’s largest economic collapse in the past 75 years.

Which administration should cause me to fear for my autonomy, or for the soundness of the currency? I don’t mean to exaggerate my survivalist machismo, but if Obama’s policies result in everyone getting due process, terrorists being incarcerated in Illinois rather than Gitmo, and the US dollar performing no better than the Euro, I honestly think I’ll find some way to muddle through.

But good luck with your cave. Don’t eat the moss all at once.

The "bush was worse" meme is

The "bush was worse" meme is getting tired. The choice voters were given was between Obama and McCain. If you want to defend the voters, point out that McCain would have been about as bad as Obama but he would have slapped the "conservative/market/republican" label on everything, and rewinding to the primaries, Hillary Clinton is after all the Hillary of Hillarycare. We've always known she was the hard-left half of the Clinton pair. The voters didn't really have all that much of a choice.

You could also point out that McCain was a heaven-sent opponent. In retrospect it seems that he wanted to lose and was working toward that end while keeping up appearances. God knows how McCain managed to get nominated. If there was one Republican who was the most traitorous to party and principle, surely it was McCain. How could republican primary voters have picked him?

Bush of course was a horrible choice for Republican president. I am hard pressed to point to anything I was happy about him doing. From my point of view he's a progressive, not unlike Woodrow Wilson. I'm still surprised that his expansions of government handouts and of central control and of war in the cause of progressive ideals were decried by the left (see for example the medicare drug benefit and no child left behind or the very Wilsonian war to make the middle east safe for democracy - the criticisms are of course valid because all expansion of state power and spending makes things worse, to say nothing of foreign entanglements, but one doesn't expect leftists of all people to make this point). I guess when seen through the filters of partisanship, it doesn't matter how progressive a person's actual policies are.

Also, the "everybody else is doing it" argument (about healthcare) is getting old.

State socialism would be better

Also, the "everybody else is doing it" argument (about healthcare) is getting old.

The real problem with the argument is that everybody else's version, i.e. full blown socialism, would be better than the proposals now on the table. See Will Wilkinson and Julian Sanchez on this.

I was too young to prepare

I was too young to prepare under Clinton, but I got my education in statist horrors while he was cloistered in DC. I started my real survivalist preparations under Bush, when I was finally old enough for the state to let me work legally. My boogieman is and always has been government. Sure at one time I was naive enough to believe that voting could solve anything, but if it could, it would be illegal.

The industrialized mass murder and lies did not start under Obama, and I am not sure where it will end. The death throes of statism will be violent as always, that is what I prepare for.

Good luck with compromise. Don't drink the koolaid all at once.

In liberty,
Sv. S.Elmo

Bogieman indeed

You can tell a lot about a person by his boogieman.

As your tangential rant about Bush demonstrates.

Democrats Too

"Last I checked the Bush Administration operated according to a legal theory by which it could declare anyone, citizen or not, an “enemy combatant” and cause that person to disappear into some undisclosed prison anywhere in the world to be tortured to death."

Last I checked that was Clinton's policy also. The concept of enemy combatant is very old, and goes back at least to WWII.

BTW, we have been torturing all along. Did it in WWII, did it in Vietname, etc. We pretended we didn't, but we did.

There was no golden age where we could be certified clean, and it was Democrats in power when that stuff was happening, so they didn't complain, just like they don't complain about predator drones any more, etc. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was just fine in private with letting torture go forward.

Democrats are like little kids who want to play with matches but only if they get to hold the pack, otherwise they tattle to daddy.

Go on you-tube and you can watch Democrat saber rattling against Saddam years before Bush gained office, and Democrats voted yes on Bush's actions, then turned around and back stabbed.