Sock puppet imperialism and the non-existent republic.

What happens when your wrist deep in the nether cavities of foreign leaders that you protect with the blood of your fascist storm troopers?

Things fall apart. Can you honestly blame these sad sack freedom fighters that are attempting to resist the quisling state that the US Federal Government has imposed upon them? I know I cant. Matter of fact, I salute them for their continued resistance to foreign occupation, it renews my faith in humanity. The outcome in Iraq will be decided by time and fates, not the sound and fury of unremarkable peoples who languish over the morals they posses but fail to impose on foreigners.

Today is a good day for the anti-state. Not only are the evil terrorists in Iraq proving that the state cannot protect itself, let alone its citizens... but we are also getting some head way in our own occupation!

It seems the ideas of nullification are spreading throughout these United States. As with the state level resistance to Real ID, it all comes down to money. The federales cannot afford as many of these control grid projects as they once could, and the states are unwilling to pony up the dough.

Nullification leads to secession on the long road back to the republic. Sure the union can play the abusive husband role once again and beat and abuse the battered spouse one more time. Will they get away with it when those who resist are better organized and more diffuse? When the wife poisons the husbands dinner?

Our freedom may come in the form of a US default on debt, freedom at a terrifying and almost unprecedented level in the history of these United States.

These are exciting times indeed.

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I salute them for their

I salute them for their continued resistance to foreign occupation, it renews my faith in humanity.

As has been pointed out many times before, hating a state because it's foreign is xenophobic.

Whether you should salute these people depends on why they're fighting. Calling them "freedom fighters" presupposes that they are fighting for freedom. I have seen a lot of fighting in the Middle East and ain't nobody fighting for freedom - that I've noticed. The US and its local allies are fighting for democracy, which isn't freedom. The non-state fighters are fighting for a variety of things, such as theocracy, which isn't freedom, or local rule, which isn't freedom either.

One of the freest places was Hong Kong, and it was ruled from the other end of the world - its rulers were about as foreign as rulers can be. One of the least free places still is North Korea, and it is locally ruled. So local rule - kicking out the foreigners - is not freedom. Kicking out the Mexicans is, similarly, not freedom, though many Americans have unfortunately come to identify the two. Xenophobia isn't love of liberty. Xenophobia is just xenophobia.

The zeitgeist rejects foreign rule, but the zeitgeist is stupid. The zeitgeist does not reject rule full-stop. It's not anarchist. It accepts local rule and prefers it to foreign rule, which isn't anarchist, it's just xenophobic. The zeitgeist declares that India should be ruled by Indians, America by Americans, North Korea by North Koreans, and so on. The zeitgeist treats ethnicities and races as if they should cohere politically and self-rule. It hardly need be pointed out that this is one of the key platforms, maybe the key platform, of the Nazi party. We thought we'd defeated them. We became them.

Foreign invaders can come

Foreign invaders can come from the house across the street. Los malos hombres take on many forms, it doesn't necessarily need to be from halfway around the world. Ask any surviving victim of a home invasion.

As for freedom fighters, they are blowing shit up and living on the edge. Real freedom, despite how fleeting it is. When the fighting ends, so does the freedom.

Turns out that is because the ones who make the policy rarely shoot the bullets.

As for freedom fighters,

As for freedom fighters, they are blowing shit up and living on the edge.

Che Guevara blew stuff up and lived on the edge. He was a mass murderer, an enslaver, and a totalitarian, and people romanticized him just as you are romanticizing your "freedom fighters". Nothing new under the sun. A reminder from Slate:

The cult of Ernesto Che Guevara is an episode in the moral callousness of our time. Che was a totalitarian. He achieved nothing but disaster. Many of the early leaders of the Cuban Revolution favored a democratic or democratic-socialist direction for the new Cuba. But Che was a mainstay of the hardline pro-Soviet faction, and his faction won. Che presided over the Cuban Revolution's first firing squads. He founded Cuba's "labor camp" system—the system that was eventually employed to incarcerate gays, dissidents, and AIDS victims. To get himself killed, and to get a lot of other people killed, was central to Che's imagination. In the famous essay in which he issued his ringing call for "two, three, many Vietnams," he also spoke about martyrdom and managed to compose a number of chilling phrases: "Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become …"— and so on. He was killed in Bolivia in 1967, leading a guerrilla movement that had failed to enlist a single Bolivian peasant. And yet he succeeded in inspiring tens of thousands of middle class Latin-Americans to exit the universities and organize guerrilla insurgencies of their own. And these insurgencies likewise accomplished nothing, except to bring about the death of hundreds of thousands, and to set back the cause of Latin-American democracy—a tragedy on the hugest scale.

I am not romanticizing the

I am not romanticizing the men whose deeds may be immoral in your opinion. I am romanticizing the moments of pure adrenaline, the felt presence of the human experience. The truest freedom anyone of us can (or may ever) experience, the freedom of being separated from all rational and temporal restraint.

Truly living in the moment, paying heed to no man or ideal.

Che's policy was what moralists would consider evil, I can agree that I don't like what he did either. That doesn't mean that he (Che) didn't get to experience freedom in the minutes before and immediately after he blew shit up. A true freedom, which people who have not been under fire do not know.

Please do not consider me naive enough to be defending murderous actions on deontological or moral grounds. That's not my bag baby.

It seems to be human nature to object to alien tax collectors

but be resigned to one's own neighborhood tax collectors.