The New New Year's Day

Today was one of the best days of college football I've ever experienced. Lots of big games, and most of them went down to the wire. Nebraska gave the game against Texas away by kicking it off out of bounds giving the Longhorns great field position without running time off the clock. Despite what Colt McCoy says about knowing how much time was on the clock, I think he completely lost track of the time. If Ndamukong Suh doesn't pressure McCoy on the next to last play, he isn't forced to throw the ball away, and time runs out. Heck, even if they complete a pass, time likely expires before they call the time out. Texas got lucky.

Speaking of Suh, he's the best football player in the country. Since defensive players don't win Heismans, my vote would go to Toby Gerhardt. Though most experts are putting him third or fourth in the balloting, he's my dark horse to win by geographic voting. The West will vote for him unanimously but the rest of the country will split between McCoy, Tebow, and Ingram.

The large number of high impact games today was reminiscient of New Year's Day games of the pre-BCS era. These days, there are only a couple of bowl games on NYD that matter; the rest are played singly in primetime during the following week. College football is headed more and more towards a pro football culture, which is a shame. The first weekend of December when the conference championship games are held is the new NYD.

By my count, Alabama, Pitt, and Cincinnati all missed extra points, and the Houston kicker missed three of them for a total of 6 in one day. I usually don't see that many misses in a full season.

The biggest argument against the BCS is that it's dominated by BCS conference teams. If Nebraska had beaten Texas, that would have likely put TCU in the BCS Championship Game. TCU in that game and Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, both non-BCS conference teams, would have bought the BCS another ten years before the Feds come a knockin' and force a playoff. As it is, both teams are likely headed for BCS bowls, so the BCS has probably bought another five years.

Prediction: Some time in the next ten years, Tim Tebow will come out of the closet. I've never seen an athlete that emotional, especially after losses. He sheds tears every time his team goes down. He reacts to the horde of young nubile co-eds at the University of Florida by saying, "No Thanks!" Hmmm.....

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Totally agreed. I've thought

Totally agreed. I've thought this was an exceptionally dull college football season so far (and not just because of the pitiful state of the Cavaliers . . . ), but yesterday was fantastic.

I can't figure out what Mack Brown was thinking on that last play. I realize McCoy didn't play it very well, but even if he did, it was awfully dicey in terms of getting another play off. And how many seconds ran off the clock before they snapped the ball in the first place? Maddening.

I'd also like to see the bowls back on New Years Day (although they never really have been within my sports-watching life). It sucks the life out of the bowl season to have the constant trickle out to January 8.


I think that Tebow comment is out of line. There's nothing at all wrong with being gay, but attributing emotional outpouring and celibacy to a sexual preference is ridiculous. This is a young man whose parents are Christian missionaries, and who is a devout Christian himself. Choosing to rebuff young coeds is admirable because it's so common to indulge temptation for someone in that position. As for the emotion, Tebow was the favorite for the Heisman Trophy (which he may not win), and Florida was a favorite to play in the championship game, and in both cases, the loss represents a huge disappointment. Tebow's candor in non-crying cases (see: The Promise) is not inconsistent with this case.

I myself am a graduate of Ohio State, so I say this as someone who actively roots against Florida (the 2007 championship game), and Tebow (I'd rather Archie Griffin remain the only two-time Heisman recipient).

Of course, if you were joking, I think you can do better.