Let's take that to its logical conclusion

Arnold Kling writes...

Reread the last sentence in the quote. When you read "that logic," what is meant is the law of supply and demand. It's a good thing that Congress doesn't vote on whether to accept the logic of gravity.

...in response to a quote about Democrats' implied disbelief about the laws of supply and demand.

Let's take that to its logical conclusion: why are we (meaning our congresscritters) voting on any question about facts? Reality determines facts, and facts should be left to science, not voting. We can no more vote upon the truth of comparative advantage than we can vote on gravity.

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Reality determines facts,

Reality determines facts, and facts should be left to science, not voting.

Interview anyone - layman or scientist - who supports the global warming theory. You won't have to press them too hard before they start going on about "consensus". Consensus is voting. The scientists themselves assert that science reduces to voting.


From The Atlantic:

[T]he Republican view is that the best way to hold down long-term costs is to directly expose patients to more of them. Few Democrats accept that logic….

I sense the word “logic” is misapplied here. Will exposing people to the cost of health care (by declining to socialize those costs) cause them to consume less health care? Perhaps. Similarly, will exposing property owners to the cost of property ownership (by declining to socialize the cost of enforcing property rights) cause them to own less property? Perhaps.

But whether you regard these strategies as the best means to reduce costs is a matter of opinion, not logic.

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