Roissy, put down that thesaurus!


The father swiveled his head and made eye contact with me, presumably in search of proximate allies, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction of laughing with him. Instead, I curled my mouth downward and narrowed my eyes, making sure my disgust for him and his Morlockian broodclan was obvious. My eyes swooped slowly over all four of them — a white family from out of town, judging by the faint hillbilly accent I heard. There was the father with close-set eyes and a face wider than it was tall, the sweaty stringy-haired fat pig mother who wheezed with each labored breath, the little boy (a rapscallion in training no doubt), and the little girl. I sneered one word, audible enough for them to hear: “class”. There was a still moment when it seemed as if he and his wife were registering my reaction and deciding what to do about it. The father’s smile dropped and he turned back around.

Fortunately for him, he did nothing. Maybe he could read the seething contempt on my face and sensed the lurid scenario playing itself out in my mind, the visceral desire I had, given the slightest pretext, to shove his filthy loser face into the escalator machinery, ripping his eyes and mouth and flesh and sinew off the bone and kicking the fat brood sow so hard in her bloated belly she is rendered infertile, as her children mewl helplessly nearby. Yes, he made the right decision to shut his trap. He knew, on some deep level, I was his better, and he would get no succor from me.

Mewl? Succor?

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Oh, thats rich...

Pretentious, with plenty of sophomoric rhetoric to fill in the comments section. Now I know why they say there is no life east of the Rockies.

In Nevada,
Sv. S.Elmo

I spoke with the father

I spoke with the father after the incident described above. He mentioned several times how glad he was that he had chosen not to pull his .45 automatic and put one between the eyes of the pompous fool.

True, some people are too foolish to live. But taking them out of the equation could have sad consequences for a person responsible for other members of a family.