Change. Hope.

Every generation must relearn the lesson: don't trust politicians.

A year later our candidate that valued technology, openness, and government transparency, the darling of Silicon Valley, is up to the same old bullshit.

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Did anyone without their

Did anyone without their head up their ass so that far they're licking their own throat expect anything different?

Why yes, actually. A lot of

Why yes, actually. A lot of the most influential voices in the startup scene drank the kool-aid. They would jump all over you if you criticized their "hopefulness" a year ago. Still, few people are directly mentioning Obama in their blog posts of outrage. It's amazing how powerful marketing and image can be.

The important practical

The important practical questions are, I think, how likely is this to be implemented, and if it is implemented, how comprehensively will it be enforced?

I don't know the answer to the first question.

But suppose it happens. Then my guess is that - judging by the enforcement of the DMCA - it will be lightly enforced. It's going to be one of those many laws that turn everybody into a criminal, but actual enforcement will be sporadic (both "legitimate" enforcement - i.e. in accordance with its intent - and blatantly illegitimate abuse - e.g. political activists hitting their opponents with spurious takedown notices). As long as it is lightly enforced, then political pressure to repeal it will not be high, just as, today, political pressure to repeal the DMCA is not significant, because the probability of the average filesharer or Youtube user being hit by an RIAA lawsuit or a spurious takedown notice is minuscule.


And when they catch on it is to late to do anything about it.

For the politicos and their

For the politicos and their armies of prosecutors and police agencies, this law has the benefit of creating readily punishable criminals of most people. Pick a target, need something from him? Guaranteed he's broken at least a few loosely enforced, poorly understood laws. A good way of branding everybody for later use.